PESCO Bill Calculator for 2024

PESCO Bill Calculator for 2024 – a simple and reliable tool to help you estimate your electricity bills easily and accurately. At, we want to make things easy for you, and our Pesco Online Bill Calculator for 2024 is designed just for that. Whether you’re a regular customer or a business owner, our online bill calculator is here to help you understand and manage your energy expenses without any hassle.

Calculate your estimated electricity bill through PESCO Bill Calculator, follow these steps:

Choose your customer type:

  • Residential Customer (for home usage)
  • Commercial Customer (for shops or any commercial purpose)
  • Industry Customer (for industrial purposes)

Enter the Consumed Units of electricity:

Input the total units of electricity consumed during the month for which you want to calculate the bill.

Enter the Per Unit Rate:

Obtain the updated information about the per unit rate from the website. Click here to find the current per unit rate.

Once you have entered all the necessary information, the system will process the data and give you an estimated electricity bill based on the customer type, consumed units, and the current per unit rate.

Please note that the accuracy of the estimation depends on the newest PESCO slabs of 2024. and any additional charges or taxes that may apply to your electricity bill.if you think that you are unable to find exact tariff rates of electricity as per government policy you can also visit this website for getting more information about per unit electricity rate .

The PESCO bill calculator for 2024 ensures that consumers have access to the latest tariff rates and billing information, enhancing transparency in the billing process. With the ability to plan ahead and budget effectively, residential customers can gain a better understanding of their energy consumption patterns and implement energy-saving measures to reduce costs.

For commercial customers, the bill calculator proves invaluable in assessing their electricity expenses. By identifying energy-intensive areas within their businesses, they can make informed decisions to optimize energy consumption and minimize operating costs, ultimately improving their bottom line.

Industrial customers, with their higher electricity demands, can benefit significantly from the PESCO unit calculator. By analyzing their energy usage trends, they can make strategic adjustments to enhance productivity while efficiently managing expenses.

By offering a user-friendly bill calculation process, PESCO and WAPDA contribute to a more transparent and efficient billing system in Pakistan. The calculators save time, provide accurate estimates, and encourage customers to play an active role in managing their electricity consumption and expenses.